Все под контролем. Мониторим СМИ и соцсети в России

It’s all in hand. We monitor the mass media and social media in Russia

Feedback about your company, both positive and negative comments, differently tinged media publications – your in-house PR department or your PR agency in Russia must have all these things in hand. Today, we are going to discuss what services can help you to do that.


It is one of the most popular services in Russia today. Medialogy is well-loved for its quality of reports and usability. The system is included in the Russian software registry. Medialogy provides a service for automatic monitoring and analysis of the mass media and social media.

The system monitors more than 50 thousand mass media and 900 million social media accounts. Among them, we can find the most popular social media in Russia (a link to the “Top-5 Social Media in Russia” article), as well as LiveJournal, Telegram, etc. At the same time, Medialogy automatically recognizes the tone of publications, while a dedicated linguistic module detects all mentions of your brand.

You can have a 7-day free trial of Medialogy.


It is a popular Russian system for monitoring publications on the mass media and social media. Using it, you can both track mentions and manage your company’s reputation, find out the degree and the areas of your competitors’ activity. On its radar screen, there are not less than 46 million sites. The service automatically recognizes both the tone of texts and their relevance. Additionally, Babkee can provide a detailed summary of authors (by gender, age, region, and even contacts). The report can be exported to Excel.

The system can be used for free. However, this only applies to two users, two objects of monitoring, and 3 thousand messages per each user a month.

Brand Analytics

This is another popular system for monitoring and analyzing the mass media and social media. It can explore over 30 thousand sites. The media space monitoring uses not only keywords but also geotags, check-ins, and authors’ names.

In addition to the standard options, it offers a service enabling you to track your reputation in real time, as well as conduct in-depth studies (for example, of your competitors or target audience). The accuracy of tone recognition is up to 90%. The system has a spam filter, a reputation threat alert system and a report generation option. Brand Analytics supports 67 languages. You can use the trial version for free.


It is a Russian platform for real-time online medium monitoring. It helps you to find brand mentions and reviews on the mass media, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte, OK.ru, YouTube; it monitors review platforms, forums, vacancy websites, Instagram photos, and even SlideShare presentations. The key feature of SemanticForce is its integration with such external systems as Copiny, KLOUT, and Google Analytics.

In it, you can set up email alerts. Reports can be downloaded in the PDF/RTF/CSV format.


It is an online service created by Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine. The system is designed to monitor both Russian and foreign media. It’s convenient since it helps you to create target audiences for subsequent advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct. Mediana indicates the tone of the retrieved publications about your company, displays the materials where its representatives’ quotes are found, the publications focused on your company and those where it is only mentioned in passing.

Natalya Anisimova,
Project Manager,
PR Formula , foreign brands promotion in Russia

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