Влияй и продавай. Что такое маркетинг влияния

Influence and sell. What is Influencer Marketing

The so called influencer marketing has recently become one of the most popular PR tools. What it means and how to use it correctly - in our today's article.

Influencer marketing is one of the digital sphere promotion channels. It is based on the idea of work on the brand promotion of with celebrities. The opinion-maker is not just a blogger with a large number of subscribers. The main thing is the credibility of an individual among the target audience of a particular brand. The tool is dynamically developing: in 2016, influencer agents posted 9.7 million paid publications, and in 2018 — 21.7 already. It is expected that in 2019 the number will exceed 32 million. Today, more and more brands are working with famous experts and bloggers. The reason for the growing popularity of influencer marketing is the growing influence of social networks. Nowadays, the audience spends much more time in Internet than in front of a TV set or radio receiver. This makes those who are popular there the opinion makers.

Better less but better
Depending on the number of followers, bloggers can represent a large, medium, and micro audiences. It is not necessary to make a blogger with a million of subscribers the ambassador of your brand. The number of subscribers is not as important as the concentration of your target audience among fans of a particular author. He can have only 10,000 subscribers who fully trust the opinion of their blogger. And if this person works in your thematic niche - this is what you need!

Not only Instagram
Instagram does not lose its relevance. But other social networks are also learning this trend. More and more opinion leaders appear on YouTube. Influencer marketing also works in Facebook or Pinterest. Where there is an audience there is influence.

Not only people
It is believed that an influencer is a blogger. It is not always so. Anyone can be an opinion maker - a person, a group, a brand with a large and loyal audience. An animal popular in social networks and even fictional characters can also become influencers.

By referring to the influencers, the business reckons on increase of conversion. In reality, interaction with the influencer agents works more for brand recognition. A post or video can be viral and increase conversion, but at the same time will not influence sales, or vice versa. It's important to understand this. That is, the influencer marketing tool usually doesn't work all alone. But it can become a great addition to a comprehensive PR-campaign on different platforms.

Why does it work?
The fact is that influencer marketing combines the advantages of a number of other advertising forms and, figuratively speaking, allows to kill a whole flock of birds with one stone. For example,

  • Native advertising — mentioning of a brand is naturally embedded in the blogger's own content, nothing stands out and looks like a simple continuation of the author's feed.
  • Targeting – by choosing a blogger and their audience, you immediately get the accuracy of a high level.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing. A blogger should be an authority among their followers, they should trust his opinion and listen to it.

Our PR agency cooperates with numerous bloggers and is ready to arrange a promotion in the digital environment for you, including that by means of such a tool as influencer marketing.

Natalia Anisimova
PR manager, 
PR Formula  - PR for foreign brands in Russia