Выход на российский рынок. Как найти и выбрать PR-агентство

Entering the Russian market. How to find and choose a PR agency

Promotion of foreign brands is a task that can only be within the powers of a competent Russian PR agencyWhere to find it and how to choose it? Our material is about this. 

Formal features
Before you choose a future partner for promotion of the brand, you should assess all possible nuances. To begin with, see how a PR agency is presented in Internet - a presentable website with the English version and regularly updated social networks will tell a lot.

On the same site, find information about the head of the communication company and/or the team working there. Names, photos - if people do not hesitate to post information about themselves, then they are ready to be responsible for the quality of their work and are guarantee it with their reputation. 

Customer list
If the agency posted a list of former and current customers on its website, it is also a good sign: the company is not afraid of the possibility that a potential partner will request information from them and will get real feedback on cooperation.

Good portfolio is clear information about implemented cases, and it is also a sign of a professional approach to work. It’s great if it contains relevant cases from your field, because it means that the agency does not have to study the subject from scratch.

Customer Feedback
Reliable agencies try to post real feedback from customers on their website. If there is no feedback on the site, it is required to request the partners' contacts and check selectively.

Service Level
When referring to the agency, pay attention to the service level. The first contact will immediately show how business processes and interaction with the client are constructed. Evaluate how quickly and professionally the employees respond to your requests, how they conduct a dialogue, etc. Here you can focus on your sensations - if you feel comfortable, there is a great chance that cooperation will continue in the same spirit. If you don't, draw conclusions.  

Prices for services must be adequate. You can read about the average prices for promotion services hereThe agency should neither inflate prices, nor run down to outright dumping.

Project team
When the decision on cooperation is almost taken, ask who will work on your project. Assess the specialization of the proposed managers, their experience and competences. Communication with the team should not bring discomfort too.

Trust, but check.
Now we should tell you about the risks. To avoid them, it is worth to check the expected partner through the special contractors verification service. This will help to avoid legal problems, tax risks and financial losses.

Documentation quality
Pay attention to how the agency works with the documents and materials, as well as to the quality of issued documentation that is required (presentation, brief, estimate, contract). This nuance can also tell a lot about the prospects of cooperation with the PR agency. 

Culture and language
It will be important for you to speak the same language with a promotion contractor from other country. Good English is a great assistant for both parties in this situation. The coincidence of the cultural code is also of importance here - the willingness to respond loyally and to adapt to differences in mentalities. Your agency should also be well informed of the global professional environment events and know the rules of doing business in your country.

Referring to our PR agency, you can be sure that you will get high-quality promotion services at a high professional level.

Marina Kochemasova CEO, PR Formula - PR for foreign brands in Russia