Выход на российский рынок. Как анонсировать вывод нового бренда

Launching in Russia. How to announce the launch of a new brand

The marketing communication strategies in support of new foreign brand launch on the Russian market is one of the requests of our clients, who apply to our PR agency. Today we share our step-by-step instructions of how to announce this event in a PR-savvy way.

Step One - Learn the Environment

The PR agency should proceed to step one a few months before you launch a product into the market. At the first stage, it is important to explore competently the competitive industry, study the experience of local competitors and figure out how to stand out among other players. In this case, you will collect valuable analytical data, which will be of great value for communicating with journalists in the future.

Step Two - Set the stage

At this stage, you can contact the media to publish analytical data that were collected in the first stage (for example, market research facts and figures). It is important to show the audience that the consumers have an unsatisfied need for your product or service. There is no need to mention plans how to resolve this issue yet.

Step Three - A second before the start

Active preparation of press materials in the Russian language begins in about a month before the event. It is necessary to prepare the most complete press package: press release, fact list, press kit, QA, biographies and photos of the company's speakers. Journalists will also need financial information about the company's activities (turnovers, investments, plans). The data should be collected, approved and documented in advance. It is highly advisable to anticipate all possible questions from the media, as well as provide consulting services or Russian press communication training for the speakers. At the same stage, a media list, which is a list of targeted media for the company, should be prepared. 

News is offered as an exclusive to key business papers a week before the event. A new foreign player entering the market is a good newsbreak! The news arrives to the rest of the media on a launch day. If the product makes it possible, you can send samples or promotional codes for its use to the journalists in advance.

Step Four - Launch and development of a newsbreak

If the event is significant for the market, a press event, where the journalists from targeted media are invited, is held on the launch day. It can be a press conference, a press lunch or a press tour. Personal communication with journalists shall be mandatory, for example, press approaches after the event. This will help come into contact with the targeted media, which is crucial. If they know you by sight, they are a priori more loyal to you, which helps more effectively convey the necessary information. 

Immediately after the press event, all potentially interested media receive a press release on the company's entry into the market. At the same stage, the head of the company grant interviews to one or more key media. 

Step Five - Analytics

After the launch of the brand and all press events, the stage of analytics begins: PR agency monitors the media for published articles, draws conclusions and forms a further communication strategy. It takes into account everything: media hits, tone of articles, citation of corporate CEOs, the number of requests from journalists, etc.

Promotion of foreign companies is our work. At each stage, our PR agency goes hand in hand with a client, helping him make the launch of a new brand into the Russian market a truly watershed moment.

Marina Kochemasova
CEO PR Formula agency - PR for foreign brands in Russia