Выход на российский рынок. Что вы должны о нем знать

Russian market launch. What you should know about it

Market promotion of a foreign brand in Russia is no small task. What should you know about the specifics of this market? What’s important to consider before the Russian market launch? Our PR agency will tell you in a new blog post.

For many foreign companies, Russia is a very interesting and promising market. Despite the sanctions and the crisis, new investors enter the country and trade continues to develop. According to statistics, the most popular product categories in online stores among Russian citizens are clothes, shoes and accessories; consumer electronics, toys and hobbies. It is worth noting that the Russians are quite actively using the services of foreign online stores.

Search and social networks

When launching promotion campaigns in Russia, it is worth remembering that the tools (search engines, social networks, etc.) here are slightly different from the usual ones. The Russian market is not Google, it’s led by local Yandexwith a current share of about 56.5%. And the most popular social network in Russia is not Facebook, as in many other countries, but VK (VKontakte) with the audience of 70 million people. In fact, Facebook is in third place, as another local site is more popular - OK.ru (Odnoklassniki).

Preliminary launch

Upon Russian market launch, it is recommended to arrange a preliminary launch - the behavior and preferences of Russian consumers differ from the behavior of European, Asian and American ones, which means that you need to be extremely careful and diligent and arrange preliminary “flight-testing”. This will allow you to understand what you will encounter during the launch, and what you need to do to make the launch utmost smooth. Moreover, a preliminary launch will allow to interest the consumers, to attract their most active part and guarantee your first sales.


Russian nationals have become more picky, as partially confirmed by the fact that about 60% of people return goods to stores. Russians have also become more demanding in respect of delivery promptness and quality. If formerly they were ready to wait for a product from an online store for a month or more, then now the situation is gradually changing. Therefore, when developing delivery options, it is important to make sure that the user has the opportunity to choose between paid delivery with different time frames and free delivery with average ones, as well as between courier delivery and delivery to a pick-up point. Studies have shown that about 60% of Russian nationals pick up their orders at pick-up points, 38% of which are automated batch terminals.

Payment Methods

In Europe and the USA, almost all e-commerce transactions take place online. In Russia, a couple of years ago, 70% of consumers preferred to pay cash on delivery. Now the situation has changed and more and more market actors are using a bank card. However, it is important to provide Russian consumers with convenient payment methods applying familiar tools. The leaders in the Russian market are Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Pay-Pal and Qiwi.

No language

Another important thing to consider when launching in Russia is the fact that more than 80% of Russians do not speak a single foreign language. Therefore, if you do not have a Russian-language website and support service, most likely you will lose this part of the audience.

Promotion of foreign brands in the Russian market is a task for professionals. Our PR-agency is ready to provide your company with a full set of PR-services and take every effort to make your brand Russia-wide known.

Marina Kochemasova,
CEO, PR Formula - PR for foreign brands in Russia