Вы и PR-агентство - с чего начать?

You and PR agency: getting off the ground

You apply to a PR agency in Russia for the first time and want to know what information you need to provide them before starting cooperation? Then read this article - we'll tell you first things first.

First, tell the agency which brand you are planning to promote (name) and the business area where it operates. If you have a website, perfect. Send the link to the PR people, they themselves will find a lot of useful information there.

After that, it is worth describing in detail your product or service. Tell them how you position it, what place it should take in the mind of the consumer, how your product or service differs from offers of the competitors. List your main competitive advantages. 

On the basis of this information, the agency will be able to generate key messages, which will be subsequently communicated into the information field (you should not hide any weaknesses, you trust the agency with the brand's reputation, which means it should know everything about it!)

It is crucial to communicate at what stage of the life cycle your product is. It is worth reminding that this can be:

  • Market launch
  • Market growth
  • Maturity
  •  Saturation
  • • Recession

Another crucial block of information is your target audience. Describe in detail for whom you are producing your product: gender, age, interests, geography, income, etc.

Tell us which price segment your products relate to (economy, medium, premium or luxury). It is important to know it to fill information products about the brand with the right messages.

If you've already taken some steps to promote your brand on your own or outsourcing it to contractors, tell the agency about it. Who did you deal with, what goals did you set, what results did you achieve? This can be called the starting point, from which your new PR partner will move on.

List your major competitors. You can present it in the form of a list or cards with key information. Describe how you disassociate yourself from them. If you follow the PR activity of competitors, share your observations. What you like - don't like about their promotion activities.

Provide all of the above information in writing ideally by filling out a briefthat you can request from the agency. The document should be discussed with your contractor to avoid misunderstandings. 

Sure, all this work will take you some time and it will need some effort. But setting a task for a PR agency is the most important stage in the work on promoting your brand, and it simply cannot be disregarded. 

Subsequently, it will pay off by mutual understanding with a PR contractor and, what is most important, by achieving your goals.

Marina Kochemasova
CEO PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia