Ваш личный агент. Как найти и выбрать своего блогера

Your personal agent. How to find and choose your blogger

Influencer marketing or advertising by bloggers attracts more and more companies. Each experienced PR agency in Russia knows: the first rule here is that the blogger should suit the brand. How can you find them? Read in our article!

Choose me

How can you find a blogger or expert who will suit your brand exactly? To start with, look at the social networks of competitors and cases in your niche. It can push your thoughts in the right direction. Choose the suitable influencers, find out the cost of their paid posts and invite those who are suitable in all respects to cooperate with.

On the subject

Of course, you should search among those who write on your subject or the subject close to yours. If it is not children's products that can be promoted by any popular “mom blogger”, the task may seem difficult. You can filter thematic accounts, for example, special hashtags can help.

By rating

You can see the rating of the most successful, and therefore, most popular top bloggers on Russian Instagram, for example, here or hereAnother way to find a blogger for your campaign is to contact online exchanges: Sociate.ru, Labelup.ru, etc. They are quite convenient to use - all the necessary information on each blogger is clearly visible. Here you can both place ads through the service, and simply find the bloggers of interest and write them to their direct.

By geolocation

If you need a blogger who has visited or previously advertised geolocation similar to yours (cafe, shop, hotel) there are convenient options for such a search. For example, you can find a geotag of places that are frequented by your target audience. This will let you find those bloggers who had turned up at your competition and offer them cooperation.

Alternative way: search by a hashtag of a particular place or event (for example, a store or shopping center). Then you can open the official page of the place and find in whose photos it was tagged.

By subscriptions of thematic bloggers

This method works well if you need to find a blogger by specific interests. Quite often, the authors of not the most popular subjects subscribe to almost all their like-minded people. Let's say you need an art critic blogger. Find 5-6 people, you'll find the rest from their subscriptions

This approach is suitable for microinfluencers who are subscribed to a small number of accounts (up to 500) and really read their feed.

By release

Everything is pretty simple here: subscribe to the blogger and the “interesting” feed automatically indicate you those authors who create posts on similar subjects. You only have to follow links to their accounts and compare with your expectations. Of the cons — the feed does not take into account geolocation and does not allow to determine the blog’s size without visiting it.

On the exchange of bloggers

In addition to self-search, which is rather time-consuming, there are special platforms that accumulate information about bloggers. For example, GetBlogger and EpicStarts. The use of these systems is paid, but the search is automated (you can search by the number of blogger's subscribers, their gender and age, interests and geography). 

Through the agency

Perhaps it is the fastest, most convenient, and safest way. Indeed, the experience and contact database of an agency are, as a rule, already well developed, which means they could pick up the influencer suitable for your parameters quickly. Here you can request cases of cooperation with bloggers and estimate how your campaign in the blog sphere will look like in practice.

Contact our PR agency, and we will be happy to organize an effective influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

Natalya Anisimova, PR manager
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