В центре внимания. Топ-6 российских телеканалов

Online Spotlight. Top 6 Russian TV channels

TV is still an effective promotion medium and a good platform for an advertising or PR campaign. A good PR agency knows the features of each Russian TV channel and TV journalists and editors personally. Which TV channels are most popular among Russians? We’ll tell you right now.

Despite evolution of the Internet, television still has an upper hand among the mass media, especially in an adult audience. TV is very relevant in Russia, as some regions of the country lack the Internet and the population can only consume information day-to-day from two or three major TV channel programs. More than 60% of Russians watch TV on what seems like a daily basis.

Channel 1: this button works everywhere – even in the most obscure country village. This means that almost the whole population of Russia watch Channel 1. Another 250 million viewers of the Channel live outside the Russian Federation. Every day you can watch various types of programs. We are referring to news, political talk shows, documentaries, entertainment shows, movies, sports broadcasting and popular Russian music. TV channel usage is highest among middle-income adults, mostly women over 35 years. 

Russia 1: the second favorite nationwide TV channel, which also covers almost the entire country. In addition, more than 50 million viewers watch Russia 1 in the CIS countries, former republics of the USSR. The program types are aligned with those of Channel 1 (buttons 1 and 2 constantly compete with each other). There are slightly more politics here, since Russia 1 is a fully state-owned TV channel. Most channel viewers are people aged 45-65 years old, having middle- and high-income. It is believed that this TV channel is good for advertising both mass consumer goods and, for example, cars.

Russia 24: part of the same holding company as Russia-1. It is a state-owned information and analytical round-the-clock TV channel. It makes a specialty out of news and broadcasts around the clock (as the name implies). Here you can also watch exclusive interviews on the most burning issues of the day, live broadcasts and on-the-spot commentaries, a lot of information about the economy, cultural events and sports. The channel is aimed at the adult population. TV channel usage is highest among men and women aged 30-55 years with a high income and active lifestyle.

NTV: all-Russian TV channel was set up in 1993. It is part of the first digital TV multiplex in Russia. Part of Gazprom Media holding. NTV broadcasts to all constituent entities of Russia. The channel offers a variety of content: from news and social and political talk shows to TV series, films and socially significant projects. NTV is mainly targeted at audience aged 40-55. More than half of them are highly specialized specialists, managers of different levels, workers, employees and students. The plus-point of this channel is a significant share of the male audience (43%).

REN TV: a socio-political channel with tightly-plotted content. The channel is targeted at the adult active population of the country. TV channel is part of the National Media Group holding. The channel’s potential audience is more than 120 million viewers. 15 million people aged 4 years and over watch REN TV in Russia every day.

Rain: an independent Russian information round-the-clock channel. It is part of the media holding having the same name. TV channel is focused on young, active, thinking audience. About 60% of all channel programs go live. Rain offers various types of programs: from news and analytics to round tables, live music, social projects and experiments. The channel’s male audience accounts for 54%. Most viewers are people aged 25-34 years old (25.7%).

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Natalya Anisimova,
Project manager, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia