Cервис и технологии. Как продвигать B2B-компанию в России?

Services and technologies. How to promote a B2B company in Russia?

If your company belongs to the B2B segment, make sure that the PR agency in Russia you work with knows how to properly promote your type of business in the local market. We have already talked about to promote a B2C company in Russia. Today we continue.  


If you sell goods or services to some other business, the classic B2C approach will not work for you. The main promotion tool here is more likely to be the mass media. The mass media that your potential customers read and watch must write and talk about your company. First of all, these media encompass business and financial publications, as well as the industry media covering the topics within the business sphere of the companies you take interest in. Here your task is to prove that, on the one hand, you are a 100% expert in your topic and, on the other, you are open to communication.


Content is paramount when a B2B company is promoted. Not a word missing its aim, no comment posted in vain. Your content is the proof of your expertise. And be it a blog on a website, an account on any social media or a company page on external resources – everywhere you must demonstrate your professionalism, modern approach, reliability, and openness to cooperation. Particularly, a clear vision of the decisions-maker in the customer’s company will help you to formulate the right content strategy. Address your messages to that person, and one day he or she will read them and make the right decision in your favour.  

Exhibitions and conferences

Participation in industry exhibitions, seminars, and conferences is another important step to promote a B2B company. Such events enable you to meet face-to-face with top managers of the companies you are interested in, show the best of yourself, as well as demonstrate your product in all its glory, make the necessary connections, and if you’re lucky, even sign provisional agreements. Explore the market, trace the media your competitors and potential customers follow, and join them. Such an opportunity cannot be wasted.

Social media

In Russia, the main platform for promoting B2B companies on social media is, undoubtedly, Facebook. Its audience includes educated adults among whom you can find owners and top managers of various companies.

This resource helps any business to interact with its audience. Here, business pages and thematic groups have access to convenient e-mail marketing tools, which facilitates sending newsletters to subscribers or group members. So, a competent strategy for a B2B brand’s presence on Facebook can help establish direct contact with the top officials of the companies your business focuses on.


To be successfully promoted in Russia, a B2B brand should:

- ensure regular publications on the business and industry media;

- develop a content strategy;

- participate in industry events;

- use Facebook properly

If necessary, our agency will help you to achieve these and other PR tasks. Contact PR Formula!

Marina Kochemasova
CEO PR Formula
Promotion for foreign brands in Russia