Цена влияния. Сколько стоят блогеры в России

Price of influence. How much are bloggers priced in Russia?

Influencer marketing in Russia is gaining momentum, and many brands want to get PR from popular bloggers. Some Russian PR firms are ready to organize it for you. But how much can it cost and how not to lose? We`ll tell you today!.

Nowadays, both b2b and b2c companies and even private specialists can promote themselves through influencer agents. Bloggers are read by millions and today their accounts advertise both small startups and big brands. One should choose from whom to order an advertising post or a whole campaign according to the facing tasks and the available budget.

Top price
Today, top bloggers on YouTube and Instagram are those who have more than 1 million subscribers. Advertising in such accounts will cost 300 thousand - 1.5 million rubles. If we talk about the names, it is both “old” stars of the industry - Olga Buzova, Kseniya Borodina or Kseniya Sobchak, and quite new influencers, such as Yury Dud, Nastya Ivleeva, Kate Clapp. However, it doesn’t always make sense to spend your budgets on such eminent bloggers. You should choose those who first of all have a high rating among your target audience.

Golden Mean
After the tops and super-stars of the blog sphere there are confident middle bloggers - those who have 100 to 500 thousand followers. Their advertising will cost much cheaper - 50-300 thousand rubles. Among them, there are both media persons and niche bloggers with a truly involved audience. 

Sometimes a blogger can suit you with a small but involved audience that intersects or is entirely coincides with yours. The post by a blogger with 10 — 50 thousand subscribers will cost 5-10 thousand rubles, and the effect can be impressive. In this case, it is important to pay attention to whether a blogger is chasing after earnings at any cost or not. Advertising posts should fit logically into the general content of a blog, otherwise you cannot avoid misunderstanding with the audience.

It should be noted that there are no fixed prices in the market of Russian influencers. The reason is, most likely, that this market has just started its development. Perhaps, over time, it will become more systematic. Now you can be guided by approximate data: advertising by a blogger costs on the average 500 rubles for each 1000 subscribers (the question is, of course, about real followers, not frauds or bots).

Surcharge for the topic
An important nuance is surcharge for the industry. Some of the topics have an elevated index and if, for example, you represent a pharmaceutical company and want a blogger to talk about one of your products, you need to be prepared that the baseline activity cost will be multiplied by two. In a number of industries, the coefficient will be even higher. You should ask about this at the first stage of negotiations.

What to pay attention to:

  • Involvement of the audience - likes, reposts comments - there must be as much as possible of all this in total);
  • Number of advertising posts and their topics — the more often the blogger posts paid materials, the higher the probability is that the audience does not notice them. Things like that tend to become less perceptible pretty soon, and little attention is paid to them;
  • Response of the audience to advertising (if a celebrity is “hated” constantly for their advertising posts, you do not need to go there).

In general, influencer marketing is quite an effective tool, and if you want it to work for the benefit of your brand, please, contact us. Our PR-agency is always ready to have your advertisement placed by the most readable bloggers with the topics of interest for you.

Natalia Anisimova
PR manager, PR Formula  - PR for foreign brands in Russia