Соцсети, звезды и семейные забеги. Как продвигаются премиум бренды в России

Social networks, celebrities and family races. How premium brands reach out to consumers in Russia

Global premium brands regularly draw up plans to launch new products in the Russian market. Some of them choose a PR agency in Russia for this purpose, and some of them manage on their own. How do they arrange promotion of their products, what do they do for PR and what communication channels do they use to interact with local audiences? Today I will tell you.

Footwear, clothes and lingerie have been demonstrating the most active sales in monobrand boutiques in Russia for five years now. For example, Jonak shoes, Gagà Milano watches, Carter’s kids goods etc. were spotted among the new brands in 2019.

Arkhipov and Neymar

Gagà Milano quickly russified their site and created a Russian-language account on Instagram where they use influencer marketing (for example, they have got at Russian musician Roman Arkhipov). This is not to mention the fact that the brand’s face is Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva is well-known in Russia and helps the brand promote watches to target audiences including the Russian ones.

Family rасe

Carter’s kids goods brand merged with Oshkosh B'gosh brand and, in addition to an offline boutique, opened a Russian-language online store. The brands are active on social networks and mastered the Russian VKontakte. On Instagram, the brands encourage user-generated content by promoting their own hashtag #lovecartersoshkosh and post promotional discount codes in the online store. The posts are duplicated on the Russian-language Facebook page. Carter’s also arranges offline activities. For example, last spring it arranged mass family race Carter’s Grom Kids and Girls.

Group promotion

The franchise partner of JONAK brand which is responsible for the brand evolution in Russia is the official brand distributor BNS Group. The company sells all brands included in the group through well-known online stores in Russia (Lamoda, Laredoute, Wildberries etc). The social networks of the group’s brands are integrated under the common name BNS Club.

James Bond

One more premium brand - the British menswear retailer Hackett London - entered the Russian market at the beginning of 2019. In addition to the offline site, it also sells goods through the Russian online stores Lamoda, Brandshop, etc. Working on promotion, Hackett supports the Aston Martin Formula One team and creates joint collections with famous athletes.

The brand has a Russian-language account on Facebook and Instagram, which mainly contains images of models wearing brand’s apparel and tips on how to wear this or that type of clothing. Even “James Bonds” of various years Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig turned up in the brand’s tape at Hackett. Partnership with Russian celebrities remains to be seen.

Media relations

The premium brand Baldinini has been operating in Russia for over 25 years, and its promotion, for sure, has been thoroughly arranged. The brand has a Russian-language site offering to subscribe to the newsletter with discounts. You can place an order both on the site and in all well-known online stores and buy personally at 48 offline stores throughout Russia.

In social networks, the Russian stores are promoted separately. The official brand page is not translated into Russian. On the plus side, it contains very high-quality photos (always) and quotes about the brand from Russian-language media (sometimes). In general, Baldinini makes active use of media-relations and is often mentioned in publications of Russian Vogue, GQ, Elle and other tabloid press.

Always online...

The Internet is the main channel of communication between premium brands and the target audience. Most often, the efforts of marketers and PR specialists in this direction are focused on the development of their own brand accounts in the social networks, collaborations with bloggers and celebrities, and on publications and promotions in target electronic media.

... and offline

Advertising and PR in the media, including print media, remains an important way to promote premium products. A significant part of the advertising budgets of premium brands is allocated in The Village, Vogue, Tatler, Esquire, GQ, L'Officiel, Vedomosti, Kommersant, Forbes, RBC, Poster, Snob, Buro 247 and Meduza. Special brand events such as fashion shows, cultural and entertainment events, sales, client days, etc. is one of the effective ways to interact with audience up-close and personal.

PR Formula keeps up with trends in promotion of various classes of goods and services and is always ready to offer you the most relevant and effective promotion methods in the Russian market.

Marina Kochemasova, CEO, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia