Просто космос. Топ-5 самых популярных инстаграм-блогеров России

Just awesome. Top 5 most popular Instagram bloggers in Russia

Influencer marketing has become a popular promotion tool only because of them. Every PR- agency in Russia wants to work with them. But not everyone can afford it. Here are the five most popular Instagram bloggers in February 2020.

Recently we started telling about influencer marketing and its features in Russia. Today we continue.

The popularity of an Instagram blogger is mainly measured by the number of subscribers. There are several absolute leaders in the Russian-speaking space.

Olga Buzova – 19.5 million followers

Olga is an undeniable superstar of Russian show business in general and, of course, the queen of Instagram. Young people are her fans, advertisers are lining up. Olga regularly demonstrates new artistic talents: she sings, dances, writes books, and hosts (all kinds of) TV projects. Each new facet attracts additional audience which means new contracts with brands. You would not call Olga fastidious, she advertises literally everything from tampons to bank loans. And TV commercials is not all she is doing. In Buzova’s Instagram feed and stories brands replace each other at lightspeed: cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and even goods for dogs - all this regularly flashes in the star account.

 Khabib Nurmagomedov – 18.5 million followers

More than 18 million people have signed up for the famous Russian mixed martial arts fighter and reigning UFC lightweight champion. Khabib ranks second in the Russian-language Instagram by the number of followers. His page is mainly the chronicles of the wrestler's sports life and motivational quotes. Given the global popularity of the athlete, it should be noted that not only the residents of Russia are subscribed to him. However, Khabib writes his posts exclusively in Russian.

Brands are on the alert and regularly conclude promotion contracts with Habib. Last year, for example, the athlete became the Toyota Ambassador in Russia. In 2018 he signed a contract with PremierBeverages and became the face of Gorilla Energy.

Timati – 14.6 million followers

The famous rap artist who created his own Blackstar label takes an honorable third place among Russian-speaking Instagram bloggers. Today Timati is rather a businessman than a musician - Blackstar not only offers his own merch, he has also opened an eponymous burger joint and even a fitness club. His account contains not so much "foreign" advertising. But there are branded posts, for example, Fendi and Bork.

Pavel Volya and Nastya Ivleeva– 14 million followers

The fourth place is shared by two Instagram stars - Pavel Volya and blogger and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva

The showman and stand-up comedian Pavel Volya is on the fourth place. There is quite a lot of advertising in his account. Pavel, for example, is promoting the Trivial Pursuit game, the S7 airline and the Galaxy S10 phone. Volya, like all big bloggers, went into business and, of course, regularly talks in Instagram about his business projects - Volyawear merch and own Silavoli24 (Will Power) courses.

Настя же считается самым дорогим из российских инфлюенсеров. Она достигла популярности, снимая короткие смешные видео — вайны, а сегодня пост в ее инстаграме стоит 1 млн рублей. Возможностью промелькнуть в аккаунте @agentgirl могут воспользоваться немногие. Среди них отметились,  например, Сбербанк и Тинькофф банк.

Ksenia Borodina - 13.8 million followers

The fifth place is Ksenia Borodina, a TV star and socialite who became a star in the wake of the popularity of the Dom-2 show.Ksenia tells in Instagram about her life, work, moral values, children and travel. Advertising also occupies a significant place here. Even Ksenia's daughters are involved: they can be seen wearing clothes of a general brand or holding an advertised product.

Natalya Anisimova,
Project manager, PR Formula
- PR for foreign brands in Russia