Поймай свою звезду. Как работает селебрити-маркетинг в России

Catch your star. How celebrity marketing works in Russia

Working with celebrities is a great way to attract the attention of a large audience to your brand. Discuss with your PR agency in Russia who of local celebrities suits you best and start collaborating. But first read this article - we will tell you some of the nuances.

Stars in Russia advertise almost everything: from cafes and clothing stores to large brands such as Aeroflot or Sberbank.

The price paid

Keep in mind that involving a celebrity in a PR campaign is quite expensive. However, celebrities' fees in Russia are not as high as, for example, in the United States, but the fee will still be significant: from one to several dozen thousand dollars, depending on the scale of the star.

Is it worth it? Here it is important to understand whether your brand is interesting to a mass consumer, whether you have a sufficient budget and whether you will hit the mark with a star. The key point: whether your audiences match and whether you have formulated the right message that your star ambassador will communicate.

If everything shapes well, cooperation with the star will make a significant contribution to the brand's image, help significantly increase its awareness and audience loyalty, and will result in increased sales.  

How to choose

Before opting for a specific popular person, it is worth doing some research. For example, focus groups with press corps and target audience can help determine how people react to this person and whether this reaction suits your brand, as well as how much and in which way this star is interesting to the media. Overall, a celebrity participating in an advertising or PR campaign of a brand always becomes a good newsbreak, attracts the attention of the media and allows you to get a lot of publications mentioning the brand as a bonus. Therefore, the choice of a star ambassador requires a lot of attention.

Pros and cons

Pros of celebrity marketing:

 - saves time (goals for increasing brand awareness and consumer loyalty can be achieved quite quickly);

- transfers the positive perception of the star to your brand (it is important that the star is perceived truly positively);

 - increases trust for your product or service (if the idol of millions has agreed to advertise you, you are worth it).

 This type of marketing has its cons: for example, the unpredictability of a star's behaviour or her participation in campaigns of other brands, which is remembered by the audience and can play against you.  

Sign and bring to perfection by rehearsals

As well as working with bloggers, cooperation with celebrities should be better described in the contract. This will protect you from potential surprises from the celebrity. Be sure to agree a schedule of activities within your campaign and write down the "payoffs" in case of reputational risks due to violations of your arrangements by a star.

Before starting a campaign, it is worth conducting a media training for your ambassador. During the media training, you need to play various situations and rehearse the star reactions so that her words or behaviour does not damage the reputation of your brand in the future.

Natalia Anisimova
Project Manager, PR Formula
Promotion for foreign brands in Russia