Польза делу. Как компании быть полезной журналистам.

Turn matters in favour. How can a company be of practical value to journalists?

Turning to a PR agency in Russia or just giving more thought to the promotion through media, the companies often wonder: how can their business be of practical value to journalists? What needs to be done so that the media works eagerly with you? There are several life hacks in our today’s article.

1.    Be open

Openness and transparency of the business is a key for building trust with partners, consumers and, of course, journalists. If the title knows that it can always turn to you for comments or expert analytics, it will do so eagerly. If in response to questions, a journalist runs into a wall of misunderstanding and non-cooperation, the questions will soon shrink to a nullity.

2. Be proactive

The journalists are far from always knowledgeable in the field, where you operate, and are ready to dig up newsworthy events in it. Offer them yourself – directly through press releases (that are drawn up always competently and professionally) or through specialized resources such as Pressfeed. It is often your activity that results not only in an article, but also in the establishment of a long productive cooperation with the title.

3. Be expert

Identify the topics, where you are at your strongest, and continue to study them. Have a keen sense of the pulse - legislation, technical innovations, high-profile scandals, important appointments. All this can lay the excellent groundwork for the next publication of your comment in the media. And therefore an occasion to mention your brand again.

4. Be hospitable

Inviting journalists to press tours or a tour of the production facilities has become a good style and an excellent base for writing new articles about your company. Arrange a media event, let journalists take shots and ask questions to the corporate CEOs to their heart's desire, show or present product samples. When meeting them, be sure to show all of the above qualities: openness, proactivity, expertise, hospitality. As a result, you have every chance to get not only a series of articles mentioning the brand, but also to establish friendly relations with individual journalists.

5. Be friendly

Show journalists that you are ready to help, pick up the phone, even if you have little to say on the topic, answer the written request as accurately and in as much detail as possible. It is often the case that a journalist is left alone with a difficult topic, and he/she just needs support and at least some kind of additional information from an industry expert.

If you become such a person, you will definitely not be short of requests from the media. If you prefer to delegate communication with the media to professionals, you can always contact our PR agency. We’ll help you in both word and deed!

Marina Kochemasova
CEO, PR Formula
 PR for foreign brands in Russia