Платим правильно. Финансовые аспекты сотрудничества с блогерами в России

Pay off time. Financial aspects of cooperation with bloggers in Russia

Not so long ago our PR agency wrote about how much influencer marketing costs in Russia. Today, there is continuation of the topic — how to pay for bloggers' services and where is the place for Russian PR firms in this point?

You decided that influencer marketing would suit you to promote your brand, chose a blogger, agreed on the budget and even thought out a strategy of work. And here a small nuance emerges - how to pay for the influencer agent's services, if it is not a company and not an official supplier. There are only four ways.

Quid pro quo
If you are a b2c brand and your product or service may be of interest for a blogger, you can offer barter cooperation to him/her. You'll give a year's supply of cosmetics to him/her and he/she will make posts and stories about your brand. However, this method is most suitable if the question is about microinfluencers. The rest, as a rule, will be interested in ready money.

Put money to Sber
The first most widespread method is payment to a card. You simply transfer the agreed amount by the specified time. No bills, no taxes. It's convenient for a blogger. And for you it is not convenient - you will have to look for a way, for example, to transfer payment from the personal card of the employee, and to compensate him in the form of a bonus. In any case, it isn't absolutely legal and can induce questions from the tax service. It is easier to contact a PR agency that works with bloggers. It arranges payment, and you will legally pay for the company's services.  

Payment systems
It's easier here. Today Russian legislation does not prohibit to transfer funds through the payment systems. Hereby some services can even issue closing documents required for financial and tax accounting to the client upon request. If a blogger is ready to accept payment on Yandex wallet (suitable for payment from Russia) or PayPal (for Western customers), this may be suitable for small companies.

Individual entrepreneur
If a blogger found the strength to register the status of an individual entrepreneur, any company will be able to work with him. The tax service must not have any questions to both parties in this situation. For many companies this is a convenient method — payment is made by non-cash settlement on the basis of the invoice of other legal entity (from an individual entrepreneur). However, not all bloggers are registered as individual entrepreneurs. In addition, there is one nuance — when paying to the account of an individual entrepreneur, the customer is taxed — 6% of the payment amount. This is also not always convenient, especially for large companies with a large budget for promotion. 

Therefore, in this case, it is also more convenient to organize cooperation with a blogger through a PR agency. 

Our PR Agency works with bloggers and celebrities and will be happy to organize an advertising campaign for your brand in the blogosphere. 

Marina Kochemasova,
CEO, PR Formula - PR for foreign brands in Russia