Плата за имя. Сколько стоят PR-услуги в России

PR in Russia. How much do PR-services cost?

How much does  PR cost in Russia? This question is asked by every foreign company that has decided to apply for PR services in the Russian Federation. Here too, the Russian market may surprise or even discourage.

Some PR agencies will put their prices for services sky high, others, on the contrary, will undercut pricing openly and play at giveaways. Both methods of pricing are not very effective and eventually can result in failure of both the agency and the project, which it undertook. Therefore, it is better to gain insight on pricing and price ranges in the Russian PR services market in advance.

If we talk about the market situation as a whole, it was very favourable for communicators in the preceding year. The volume of income of market participants grew by an average of 20 percent (results of the 7th National Rating of Communication Companies of Russia (NR2K) in 2018). The reason for this is the growing demand for PR services plus improved quality and transparency of such services.

The latter is largely linked to the coherent pricing policy. It is usually the Association of Consulting Companies in the PR area, who gives recommendations to PR specialists, offering a unified pricing system for PR services that meets all international standards. The Association’s pricing working group studies the pricing mechanisms in the PR services market and presents the recommended hourly rates for PR specialists in several dozens of positions. This approach allows us to make the process of pricing for PR agency services as transparent as possible and improve the quality of competition in the market. 

On top of that, after a client company has grasped the principle of formation of the cost of PR agency services, it can both optimize PR costs and estimate the agency’s costs for the project. The latest recommendations were published in 2016 and have not changed since. At that time, it was found, for example, that the average hourly wage of a media manager should be 4398.75 rubles, and that of media analytics - 4100.47 rubles. The prices are based on the salaries of specialized project and administrative personnel, as well as taxes on payroll, overhead costs and profits of the company.

It is worth mentioning that in earlier times the prices for PR agencies’ services in Moscow were significantly lower than in Europe, despite the fact that the level of specialists was always quite high (which is evidenced by regular picking up by the Russian PR specialists of international industry awards). Today, the cost of work of the Russian PR agency has come close to the price tag of Western colleagues (We are referring to the metropolitan agencies; the prices are slightly lower in the regions).

We’ve conducted our own market research and found out what average prices the Moscow PR agencies are asking for their services. There you are:

  • Work as external press-service - 280 thousand rubles/month (about $4,500)
  • PR support or media-support of events - 180 thousand rubles/project (about $2,900)
  • Communication strategy - 330 thousand rubles (about $5,200)
  • Media monitoring - 80 thousand rubles/month (about $1,300)
  • Arrangement of press events - 250 thousand rubles (about $3,950)
  • Work with social networks - 60 thousand rubles (about $1,000)

These are the averaged prices. The real cost always depends on the level of PR agency and task complexity. Applying to our PR agency, you can be sure that the pricing policy will be coherent, and the cost of PR services will be fair. 

Natalia Anisimova,
PR manager, PR Formula  - PR for foreign brands in Russia