Офлайн и с мобильного: тренды потребительского поведения в России

Offline and Mobile: Consumer Trends in Russia

Когда PR агентство в России работает на иностранных клиентов, одна из стоящих перед ним задача — детально ознакомить заказчика  с особенностями местного рынка в целом и потребительского поведения россиян в частности. Подробнее о последнем – в этой статье.

Today, the consumer is most likely to play a key role in the economy. Supply almost always exceeds demand, and consumers are now more demanding of goods and services that compete for their attention. The Russian consumers are no exception. What are the main features of consumer behavior in our country?

The fast-paced growth of online shopping

According to PWC research companies need to create online sales channels and merge them with offline sites to successfully operate on the Russian market. The key consumer wants include:

- convenient and intuitive mobile applications,

- expansion of postamat and collection point networks,

- traceability of parcels.

Demand for digital and physical shopping experience

The point at issue is that Russians most often make purchases at the nearest physical stores. At the same time, they prefer payments other than in cash. Consumers in Russia rate high new technological services, however, they consider help provided by competent sales consultants as well as quick convenient payments to be the key factors that make their offline shopping experience more positive.

Retailers are encouraged to switch to more compact formats and create the shopping environment required by the consumers, where technological advances and lively qualified personnel with strong product knowledge and customer service skills mutually complement each other.

Growing attention to environmental issues

More than 80% of consumers express concerns about the sustainable development and environmental friendliness of the brands with which they interact. The companies should pay particular attention to environmental friendliness, production and various sustainable development projects. In this case, when purchasing specific products, Russian customers will be able to feel involved in the history of global responsibility of mankind to the planet, which is so important today.

Shift to the digital shopping channels

Advertising in traditional mass media remains important to reach a wider audience. At the same time, the business begins to invest more in social media and personalize advertising content using flexible metrics and input data.

According to projections, the volume of the social media market in Russia is due to reach $ 5.4 billion by 2022. Brands need to encourage feedbacks from their customers, as feedback has become an invaluable tool of consumer trust, and learn to deal with negative feedbacks.

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Marina Kochemasova
CEO, PR Formula —
 PR for foreign brands in Russia