Общайтесь правильно. Коммуникационный аудит как способ оценить коммуникации бизнеса.

Communication audit as a way to determine how good your business communications are.

Before starting work on the promotion project, your PR agency in Russia needs to understand the level of your communications with the audience at the given moment. Communication audit will help you dot the i's and cross the t's. 

How well do you listen and understand your audience? How accurately and effectively do you respond to its requests? Do you know how to accept and react to customer feedback? Answers to these questions will help you understand your overall attitude toward the customers, how you influence them and what impression you make.

Company’s image

A communication audit is a comprehensive information flow analysis that helps you see a complete picture of your relationship with your audience. To perform the analysis properly, it is better to approach a specialized agency. It will analyse the communication channels and communication flows passing through your company. Based on the results of the analysis performed, you will receive systematized information about the brand that is available in the outside world, and you will see the image that you, willingly or unwillingly, broadcast to your employees and outside.

Types of audit

A communication audit can be comprehensive or partial. As a rule, there are several main areas of interest to the company when it orders such analysis. Depending on your goals, you can order, for example, analysis of the company's image in the media, social networks, forums, or study your HR brand.

The analysis of public image of the company is called an external communication audit; examining how your employees perceive you is called an internal audit. Examining both aspects is a comprehensive communication audit.

The information received will show what and how the audience of interest has learned about you and what impression they have about you.

Areas of audit

To gain a more thorough understanding, it is necessary to perform all stages of the communication audit. They include:

 - audit of existing communication channels,

- monitoring of media,

monitoring of informal communication channels (social networks, forums, comments),

- SWOT analysis,

- comparison with the communication strategy of competitors,

- audit of internal corporate communications,

- analysis of corporate culture.

Where will that get you?

Thanks to this analysis, you will get a whole range of results vital to the success of your business. This includes diagnostics of the company's image/reputation, the ability to articulate clear goals and objectives to work with the target audience, understanding the level of your communications with customers, partners, employees, suppliers, government agencies, etc. Due to communication audit, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of your communications, as well as understand what the corporate culture of your company involves.

Marina Kochemasova, CEO PR Formula
- foreign brands promotion in Russia