Новый год, День Победы и 8 марта: как спланировать PR-кампанию в России с учетом праздников

New Year, Victory Day and March 8: how to plan a PR campaign in Russia with due regard to public holidays

When planning a PR campaign in Russia, it is crucial to pay due regard to the schedule of public holidays, school holidays and weekends in the country. How to orient themselves to the schedule of Russians and plan the perfect PR activity? PR Formula is a PR agency in Russia that knows the exact answers to these questions. 

In general, Russians work 5 days a week: from Monday to Friday. The working day usually starts at 9 - 10 AM in the morning and ends at 6 - 7:00 PM. A lunch break is provided in the afternoon, around 1 - 2:00 PM, but most remain available for business calls or business lunches within this time. On Friday, many companies complete work an hour and a half earlier.

Public Holidays

There are quite a lot of them in Russia. The main one is New Year. In January, Russians don’t work officially for a whole week from January 1 to 8. Days off that fall to the New Year holidays are carried forward to the other non-holiday dates, which provides Russians with long holiday periods. Previously, they were carried forward to the same January days, and the New Year holidays lasted 2 weeks. Recently, the government decided to add these days to other public holidays, in particular, to the May holidays (more on this below).

- Also, Russians do not work on February 23. On this day, Russians celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day.

March 8 is another nationwide public holiday, International Women's Day.

В апреле  работа идет без перерыва. А вот в мае наступает еще одна череда длинных выходных. May 1 –  День весны и труда. 9 – День Победы.  За счет переноса выходных с января нерабочие дни продолжаются с 1 по 5 мая. А потом с 9 по 11. Часто россияне берут небольшой отпуск между длинными майскими выходными и таким образом выпадают из рабочего процесса сразу на 11 дней, а то и на 2 недели. 

June 12 is another public holiday. The country celebrates the Russia Day.

The next public holiday is November 4 – the National Day of Unity.

Please, note that if a public holiday falls on a weekend, it is carried forward to the nearest weekday and it also becomes a day off. One more point - the working day that precedes the holiday shall be reduced by 1 hour.

Leave Period

As we have mentioned before, the end of July and the whole August are regarded as an unofficial leave period in Russia. In order to have a longer leave period, many people also take a leave on the eve of or immediately after public holidays. You should keep it in mind when planning important negotiations and meetings with the Russian partners.

School Holidays

Those who have children keep somewhat different regular hours. It means that they often plan to have their leaves during the school holidays, in order to be able to go on vocation with the child. There are 4 such holidays in Russia. The longest one lasts three summer months (this immediately increases the number of adults having a leave during this period). Different schools have different holiday periods during the year. Three options are possible here: holidays at the end of each quadmester, module or trimester. Such systems have in common only the beginning - September 1 and the end of the school year - May 24 - 25 for primary and secondary schools, the first days of June - for high school students.

It is worth trusting a local promotion expert to determine accurately the time of PR activity of your brand in Russia and plan business events in an appropriate way. Our PR agency has been helping foreign companies make presence in Russia known for more than 10 years. Contact us and we will always help and give you some advice. 

Natalya Anisimova, 
Project manager, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia