Короли онлайн-продаж: 6 главных маркетплейсов России

Kings of online sales: 6 major marketplaces in Russia

A reputable PR agency in Russia will not only help you position your brand in the Russian market in a proper way, but will also suggest you, if necessary, which platforms you can use to sell your product in the country. In today's article we’ll tell you about 6 Russians’ favourite marketplaces.

Wildberries - 3 mil. visitors per day

Site statistics as of March 2020

It is the largest marketplace in the Russian Federation. It sells clothes, shoes, electronics, baby products, household goods, and even airline tickets. According to the Data Insight survey, the service’s turnover of clothing and footwear only is over $ 100 bil. (2019). In addition to Russia, Wildberries operates in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

To sell products on Wildberries, you need to have a legal entity (LLC, individual entrepreneur, self-employed), as well as the following documents: certificates of quality; product declarations; documents supporting a registered trademark (or license to use it). The supplier commission here is 19%.

Ozon - 2 mil. visitors per day

It is one of the “oldest” Russian e-commerce businesses. Ozon was founded in 1998. Today it sells electronics and household appliances; books, furniture; software, home and garden products, construction and repair; clothes and shoes; children's goods, etc. (14 categories in total). The supplier commission on Ozone is up to 40%, so the site is suitable only for companies with large profit margin of a single product sale.

The Moscow and St. Petersburg sellers can sell here goods from their personal warehouses; the rest can do it only as fulfilment mode. Sales geography includes Russia and other former republics of the USSR.

Lamoda - 500 thous. visitors per day

Этот маркетплейс в основном ориентирован на продажу одежды и обуви, чуть меньший процент составляют аксессуары и косметика и товары для дома. Средний чек здесь достаточно высокий – 3 тысячи рублей, а значит сюда приходит самая платежеспособная аудитория. Отсюда и серьезные требования к поставщикам, в том числе — к качеству фото продукции. Комиссия составляет 35-70%. Взамен площадка предлагает обслуживание по принципу фулфилмент, отсутствие требования обязательного участия в скидочных программах и, конечно, имиджевую составляющую (быть поставщиком Lamoda престижно). География этого магазина распространяется на Россию, Белоруссию и Казахстан.

Beru - 500 thous. visitors per day

It is the youngest Russian marketplace. The site was opened in 2018 by two largest companies in Russia – Yandex and Sberbank. At the end of 2019, Beru's turnover exceeded 2 bil. roubles. exceeded 2 млрд рублей.

This online store is suitable for suppliers of household appliances and electronics; cosmetics and health products; children's goods; sports and recreation products; home and garden products, as well as pet products. The commission here varies from 5 to 13%.

Goods - 180 thous. visitors per day

This marketplace was founded in 2017. Founder of the marketplace is M.Video-Eldorado Group. In 2019, the quarterly turnover of the site amounted to 1 bil. roubles. Goods positions itself as a low-price marketplace. It has a quite wide assortment. It includes children's products, pet food, and food products. Cosmetics and small household appliances are traditionally popular. Other categories of goods are also presented in Goods.ru website. The partner commission is only 3%.

Ulmart - 45 thous. visitors per day

The marketplace opened in 2017. Electronics is the main product category here. In 2019, the site began to sell goods from China (they are 15% cheaper on average). Supplier commission is 4 to 18%.

Ulmart offers two cooperation options:

  • retail (you ship your goods to the marketplace warehouse, and it places information about it on the platform)        
  • fulfillment (a full-service package)

Natalya Anisimova,
Project Manager,
PR Formula - foreign brands promotion in Russia