Комплект для прессы: что такое пресс-кит и как его правильно сделать

Prepare a press kit: what is a press kit and how to make it right

A press kit is a set of documents containing information about a company, product or event, to which you or your PR agency have invited the press. Handing a press kit over to a reporter is not only good courtesy, but also an important marketing tool.

What and why

The press kit is your chance to show yourself to the reporters in broad daylight, as they say. Achievements, principles, corporate culture – all this will be displayed, directly or indirectly, in the kit. In addition, ready-made texts and visual materials allow you to stir reporters into using them, which means that they increase the chance that material about your company will be published with the correct names and images.

This kit can comprise both text and graphic, video and audio materials for the press. Basic and additional information, key theses about the activities of your company, certificates of top officials, high-quality images of the office or production site – all this should be included in your press kit so that a reporter who gets it will feel absolutely comfortable to work with your case.

For whom

Keep in mind that your audience is professionals, who work with texts: reporters and bloggers. They need accurate numbers, important facts, high-quality pictures. The latter also includes the company logo – make sure that the current version can be downloaded from the press kit page.

The high-quality photographs of top officials, team and products of the company are of particular value. Splurge on a photo session – these images can get later into major media and go out in thousands of copies. If your aim is to work with television,your press kit should contain a quality video as well.

If you decide to show numbers, it would be nice to do it in cyclical movements. For example, show how the team or the company's net profit grew from year to year.

Where and how

In everyday life, a press kit should be placed on a separate page on your company's website. It is also a good idea to post here links to existing publications in the media about you. A key element: the press kit should be easy to find. Display this button in the main menu of the site.

If the interview is taking place in person, the press kit is handed over to the reporters in a printed or recorded form. It should be packed stylishly and easy to use.

The main task of a press kit is to be clear and informative. It is better to entrust its preparation to professionals, but you should not step aside from the process either, because after all, you should get a very important package of documents about your company and its activities.

Marina Kochemasova, CEO, PR Formula
- foreign brands promotion in Russia