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Top Business. TOP 8 Russian Business Periodicals

Обращаясь в PR агентство в России, некоторые иностранные заказчики ставят четкую задачу: хотим получить публикации в  главных деловых СМИ. На какие издания обратить внимание в первую очередь? Расскажем сегодня.

In Russia, there are several real-time media ratings measuring readability and citation. One of the most popular is called MedialogiaThis is a real-time media monitoring and analysis system. It automatically processes half a million media publications and up to 100 million messages from social networks per day. The results are quite reliable.

We would like to bring to your attention the most cited Russian business media according to the Medialogia ratings:

Kommersant is a nationally distributed business-oriented newspaper. It has been published daily. It contains information about the Russian and world markets, business and finance news, and analyzes the main political and social events. Kommersant is one of the most influential Russian media. This newspaper has a circulation of up to 110,000 copies. It has been distributed throughout the Russian Federation.

Vedomosti writes about politics, economics, covers corporate and financial news, publishes expert analysis and various forecasts. Vedomosti is considered to be an effective platform for promoting premium products and services. 5 thematic printed applications branded Vedomosti are published. The newspaper is read by more than 200 thous. people throughout Russia. 60% of them are men. 74% are high net worth citizens.

Forbes Magazine Russia is a leading business magazine. It features articles on business and its owners. The periodical contains investigations, analytical materials on market trends, articles on lifestyle and, of course, famous ratings. For 15 years, 354 market participants have been in the Forbes main ranking, dedicated to the richest Russian entrepreneurs. The printed version of the magazine has a circulation of 90 thous. copies. One issue is targeted at over 1 mln. people throughout Russia (350 thous. of them in Moscow). 62% of readers are men. 48% are classified as prosperous.

RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) - political, economic, financial news, analytics, comments of market experts and forecasts. It publishes feature articles, recent financial market data, and interviews with reputable Russian businessmen and politicians. A business magazine and the newspaper RBC daily are published and branded RBC. 1.3 mln. people read them every month.

Izvestia is a social & political and business broadsheet. It publishes business, politics and other socially significant news, covers events in the Russian Federation and abroad. 58% of the audience are men. 44% are classified as high net worth individuals. Izvestia has a circulation of 150 thous. copies, the audience of one issue regularly exceeds 309 thous. people. The newspaper is read in all cities of the Russian Federation, as well as in neighboring CIS countries. 

Rossiyskaya Gazeta is a Russian daily newspaper published by the Government of Russia. The audience of the RG is about 850 thous. people. Women represent more than half of the readers. 19% of the audience hold key positions. The circulation of the publication is more than 130 thous. copies. Weekly issue “Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Nedelya” is printed with a circulation of more than 3 mln. copies. 

Novaya Gazeta is a social & political periodical. The newspaper is well known for its investigative coverage. It has a circulation of 123 thous. copies three times a week. It is published in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Ryazan. Issues in foreign languages can be found inGermanyand Kazakhstanе.

Profile — еженедельное издание бизнес тематики, публикующее оригинальные статьи  по широкому кругу тем. Каждую неделю на страницах «Профиля» публикуются обзоры рынков, аналитические статьи, цифры и факты, фоторепортажи, интервью, мнения, комментарии экспертов и эксклюзивные материалы собственных корреспондентов. Журнал также регулярно публикует рейтинги, составленные экспертами. Тираж — 92 тысячи экземпляров. 57% аудитории — мужчины. 69% имеют высшее образование, 39% занимают руководящие должности.

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Natalya Anisimova,
Project manager, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia