FAQ. Самое главное о PR Formula

FAQ. The main thing about PR Formula

There are a good many PR agencies in Russia, but approaching the local market, companies strive to spot the best one. We are going to let you in on a little secret: there is no such thing as “the best PR agency”, but there is one that suits you perfectly. Determining whether a PR agency suits you necessitates asking the right questions. That’s what potential customers ask us most often. 

How long have you been on the market?

PR Formula has been operating on PR market since 2009. The agency specialized in media relations (promotion in the media) and content creation for the first 8 years. We expanded our offerings and created influencer marketing service two years ago, because this area has become a live issue for our customers.

What companies do you work with?

We mainly work with foreign customers. Firstly, this was determined by history - foreign companies were the first clients of our PR agency, and we keep on working with them. Secondly, today all of our services are customized to the developing needs of foreign clients, as cooperation with them has some specifics. And third, we like working with clients from other countries. In most cases, we coincide with them in values and approaches to work. 

But this does not mean that we do not work with clients from Russia at all. Among our customers there are local companies as well. 

Do you do political PR or show business PR?

No. Our profile is business promotion, both B2B and B2C. We work with commercial and non-profit organizations operating in various markets.

Why PR Formula?

  • Our agency is well aware of the rules and features of the Russian PR and advertising market and understands the nuances of foreign companies working in Russia;
  • We have been promoting foreign brands in the Russian market for over 10 years and we know best how to launch a new product here;
  • We thoroughly studied the features of the work of foreign companies in Russia and comply with all customer requirements for documents and reporting;
  • We use exclusively ethical promotion technologies and always focus on world experience and the practice of public relations;
  • We conduct our business in strict accordance with the law and protect our customers from tax, financial and reputational risks;
  • We share the values and norms of doing business for our customers, and our main rules are openness, transparency and mutual trust;
  • We speak and write in English, as well as translate content into all languages of the world.

All this, as well as our desire to always do more than promised, attracts not only foreign but also Russian companies striving to work in accordance with international standards.

 How many people are on your team? 

At the moment, 10 people work for us. These are experienced PR specialists whose portfolio includes cases for promoting companies from completely different markets. If necessary (when working on a large project), the agency attracts contractors (for example, translators and copywriters) with whom we have been cooperating for more than a year and guarantee the quality of their work.

What business sectors do you specialize in?

Our agency has strong expertise in promoting a range of business topics. For example, medicine and pharmaceuticals, tourism, production and sale of children's goods, food, IT-solutions and others. We work with small, medium and large businesses. In each of these categories, we have relevant experience. See our portfolio портфолио

What services do you provide and can you go beyond them if necessary? For example, to organize a corporate party or develop a website?

Our main services are working with the media and bloggers, as well as creating various types of content. We can go beyond the above if we are talking about a complex project within which we already provide one or more of our basic services. Separately, we do not undertake non-core tasks.

Do you respect privacy?

Yes, it is mandatory. A non-disclosure clause is included in the contract with the agency. In addition, at the very beginning of interaction, even at the tender stage, at the request of the client, we always sign the NDA.

Do you work with competitors?

We leave priority to the company that came to us first. If, for example, we started working with one medical clinic, then with the other one, until we finish with the first one, we will not cooperate. This is part of our code of ethics. 

Marina Kochemasova
CEO, PR Formula
- PR for foreign brands in Russia