Экспертная позиция: зачем специалисту блог в инстаграме

Expert position: why a specialist needs a blog on Instagram

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of pages written by different professionals on Instagram. Physicians, scientists, engineers go public about news and problems in their field of activity, answer users' questions, and give advice. This can be done both in your own handwriting and with the assistance of a PR agency.  Where does such a professional blog get a specialist? We'll tell you today.

Instagram is a social network with hundreds of millions of users around the world and an essential marketing tool. Business long ago understood that, so most companies are trying to create an Instagram page and are quite active here.

Social networks give a lot of advantages to bloggers. The more subscribers, the more chances you will have to get an advertising order and start making money on your page. Instagram can also be particularly useful for a good specialist.

Personal positioning

You can show yourself in all your glory on Instagram. And the issue is not over high-quality photos. If you are a man who knows his onions and would like to inform many people about it - you are in the right place. Posts on topics that are difficult for public consumption, written in simple human language, can attract many subscribers. A regular writing about interesting and important facts about your work will form an expert reputation about you in the eyes of the public over time, and an expert is not only just a specialist. It is more in demand, and it costs more.

An opportunity to stand out

Instagram offers a lot of tools for promoting and working with the audience. By using them and high-quality content, you can attract the attention of the audience and stand out from the crowd of peer bloggers.

Earnings growth

The average check for a professional with an expert reputation is an order of magnitude higher than for the rest. At the same time, clients trust and apply to his services more willingly. On the top of that, with the number of subscribers on the rise (several thousand loyal readers are considered a significant audience among monoline experts), the companies whose target audience coincides with yours will pay attention to you. There are a lot of opportunities to earn or get compensation goods for a specialist with a developed blog - advertising, sweepstakes, collaborations with brands.

Direct contact

A big plus of the blog is the ability to communicate directly with potential customers even before they contact you for services. Responses to comments and requests to direct quickly break the ice between you and a potential client, and a loyal reader has every chance of become a real buyer of your services much faster than the man in the street.

Website promotion

If you have already got a website, an Instagram page is a must. Due to your presence on this social network, you will be able to use more keywords, bring new unique visitors to the website through search engines (blogs in social networks are involved in ranking) and, in general, increase its conversion.

Overall, these are the main advantages of running an expert blog on Instagram. If you are interested in how to create a blog, what information to fill it and how to promote, read the following articles on our website or apply for advice!

Natalia Anisimova
Project Manager, PR Formula
Promotion for foreign brands in Russia