Другой разговор! Как подготовиться к интервью в СМИ

There you go! How to prepare for a media interview

Your PR agency has arranged an interview with a major media resource. How to prepare for it so that communication with a reporter will be pleasant and effective, and the publication will not disappoint you?

Collection of information

It is important to examine in advance any information about a reporter: what topics he covers, what format he works in. This will help not only get on the right side of the interlocutor by starting the conversation with mentioning articles by this author that you have read, but also get an idea of what awaits you during the interview.

Key messages

Decide with your PR manager what key messages have to be got across to people. The interview will be read by an audience of a media resource, and you must clearly understand what colours you want to show and what impression to leave. You can solve several business issues in one interview if you are able to convey necessary information in a proper manner. For example, if your company is actively recruiting, be sure to mention good working conditions, incentive programs, and employee benefits. If you are looking for new partners, do mention efficiency of business processes, the results obtained and successful cooperation with other companies.

Facts and figures

This is what interests your interlocutor first. How many employees do you have? How many branches have you opened so far? What was the pure profit for the last year? Be prepared to disclose some information. It is better to prepare in advance and provide a reporter with a fact sheet with important figures and facts about the company.

Actual agenda

When commenting on a question posed, be able to refer to the current business agenda and economic situation in the country and in the world. In this way, you will enhance the insight of the interlocutor (and therefore everyone who will read an interview) into the position of your company in the market and show yourself as a manager with truly strategic thinking.

Questions in advance and taboo topics

Not all reporters are ready for it, but asking for it always pays. By receiving the questions in advance, you can prepare yourself much more effectively for answering them and relieve the unnecessary stress of unexpected questions. If there are topics that you are absolutely not ready to talk about (personal life, scandalous situations, unsuccessful deals, etc.), discuss this in advance. And you’d better do it in writing.

In person or in Zoom

The interview can take place both in person and remotely. In any case, it is important to take care of your appearance (face-to-face interviews are sometimes accompanied by photographing, and do not even ask about, if this is an interview for a TV project). But even if you communicate online, the impression you make with your appearance costs a bundle.

Marina Kochemasova
CEO PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia