Дамские угодники: топ-7 СМИ для женщин в России

Ladies' Pleasures: Top 7 Media for Women in Russia

The media for promotion should be chosen, focusing on its audience. It should match your client’s portrait. If you sell products for women, ask your PR agency to pay special attention to women's online media. Today, we’ll talk about the most popular ones.


Traffic ~ 25 mil. per month

(all figures within this article are provided as at the start of year 2020)

The online version of the famous Cosmopolitan magazine is one of the leaders in this niche. The main sections of the website are News, Competitions, Videos, Cosmoshop, Fashion, Beauty, Stars, Sex. There is also a forum for readers to communicate with the resource and among themselves. Most of the site’s audience are women aged 25-44 years, of which 27% fall into the category of professionals.


Traffic ~ 25 mil. per month

The project is part of Mail.ru Group holding and is issued as a women's online magazine on Mail.ru portal. The magazine specializes in topics such as fashion, psychology, astrology, show business, beauty, healthy lifestyle, parenting and home improvement. The site has a video section, where training videos on personal care, wardrobe selection, cooking, fitness and home decor are posted. The project regularly conducts ratings (for example, the Best Blogger of the Year Award) for influential women and collaborates with hosts of fashion and other events.


Traffic ~ 15 mil. per month

It is not only a site, but also a network (the resource provides signing up), which includes about 2 mil. members. In addition to Russia, Russian-speaking users from Germany, the USA, Israel and France visit the site. The site covers three thematic layers: celebrity life, life stories and women's vital interests. The forum is one of Woman.ru's most visited pages. 61% of site visitors are women aged 25-44. 33% of women indicated in their personal profiles that they can afford to buy expensive things. Beauty, fashion and health are the main area of interest of the site’s audience.


Traffic ~ 25 mil. per month

The site’s mission is to provide a comprehensive overall picture and account of what is happening in the world of fashion and beauty, celebrities, and lifestyle. The target audience here is a modern metropolis resident aged 18-40 years, leading an active lifestyle. 72% of site visitors have medium or high income. 52% are planning or already have children.


Traffic ~ 5.5 mil. per month

The site is aimed at women aged 18-25 years, who started building up an active career, live in a big city and search for personal happiness. In fact, more than 60% of site visitors are aged 25-44 years, of which 13% are managers. Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion are the most popular sections of the site.


Traffic ~ 4 mil. per month

Eva women's portal was created in 2002. Today, the site publishes articles on beauty, home, children, health, and relaxation, as well as nutrition, relationships, and psychology. Photo contests is one of the most popular section of the portal (a new one starts regularly). The site's forum is divided into 100 special interest sections, 20 of which are devoted to the selection of goods and services. Women account for more than 70% of Eva.ru visitors, of which 60% are women aged 25-44 years, 48% are middle- and high-income professionals and employees.


Traffic ~ 4 mil. per month

The target audience of this site is women aged 24-35 years, whose main interest is home and family. The portal places lifehacks, useful tips, expert articles and entertaining content for this audience. Managers account for 15% of Passion readers, professionals and employees - 44%. Most often they visit Forum, Beauty, Cuisine, Health sections of the websites.

Natalya Anisimova,
project manager, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia