Connecting people. Топ-5 социальных сетей в России

Connecting people. Top-5 social media in Russia

In its plans for your social-media campaign, your PR agency will offer you to focus on one or more key social media. The best social media to suit your needs will vary depending on many factors. We offer you to make the closer acquaintance with the main social media of Russia.

According to Mediascope 93.6 million people use the Internet in Russia every month, 90.7 million visit the online media weekly and 82.8 million browse the online media every day. Which social media grab the attention of such a large audience?

YouTube (

41.2 million Russian users visit this media each month. The largest demographic group of YouTube are between the ages of 18 and 44 years old. Female users predominate in this media. 42% of visitors of the resource have above average income. 

This social media successfully competes not only with its “colleagues” - other social media, but also with traditional media. According to Mediascope statistics, YouTube audience in Russia keeps ahead of most of the Russian TV channels by monthly coverage (in the 18-44-year-old audience segment).

Vkontakte (

Pavel Durov is the founder of this social media (he also created and owns one of the most popular instant messengers in the world today - Telegram). The media is now wholly owned by Group. Vkontakte has 38.1 million monthly active users from Russia. The main audience here is very young - it falls into the 16-24 age group.

Instagram (

29.6 million Russians scroll the Instagram feed every month. This social media is also the most popular among young people under 24 years old. If you are a B2C, you should definitely seek out your audience here. One of the options for dealing with Instagram in Russia is to work with numerous bloggers, who are always open for cooperation with brands. How to choose your own, we described here.

Odnoklassniki (

This media is also owned by the aforementioned Group. This social media is recognized as a platform "for adults". The main audience here is women over 55. In 2019, the resource was ranked 21st among the world’s most popular media. 23.8 million people visit every month in Russia.

Facebook (

22.3 million college educated users above 45 years of age working in the business sector is the key audience of this global social media in Russia. It is particularly effective in B2B selling.

Если вы ставите перед собой задачу взаимодействовать с вашей аудиторией максимально доверительно, мы рекомендуем задействовать социальные сети: используйте инфлюенсер-маркетинг, проводите конкурсы и флэш-мобы, рассказывайте истории — пусть пользователи соцсетей воспринимают вас как «своих».  А специалисты PR Formula с радостью помогут вам в этом.

Natalya Anisimova,
Project manager, PR Formula —
PR for foreign brands in Russia