Блогер а-ля рюс. Особенности маркетинга влияния в России

Blogger a la russe. Features of influencer marketing in Russia

Applying for services of promotion to Russian PR firms, companies often ask to focus on brand interaction with influencers - bloggers, celebrities, etc. Our PR agency successfully applies this tool.

Important thing is that influencer marketing in Russia has its own features and is slightly different from the worldwide practice.

Bloggers and the Audience
Statistically, about 50% of the Russian audience agrees with the opinion that bloggers’ recommendations help to make a better choice of a product or service. The peculiarity of the Russian influencers’ market is that there are unspoken “major” celebrities with a huge number of followers (e.g., Olga Buzova or Ksenia Borodina). All brands want to collaborate with them. Search for local authors here is not as widespread as abroad. The more effective your PR campaign will be, based on the analysis of the content and conversions of a specific influencer, if you do not plan to pay the major celebrities. 

Friendship or collaboration?
In Russia, brands often do not seek to befriend with bloggers. Often the customer’s requirements for posts are very strict and are not mitigated in order to meet presentation patterns familiar to the blogger’s audience. The reason is that the local influencer marketing market is still under developing and there is an opinion that inexperienced bloggers can harm the brand’s reputation. Ideally, you should find a solution that allows you to integrate brands into the content of the selected blogger, and not force him/her to adapt to your brand. The customer’s task is to explain its restrictions to the influencer, to define a clear framework, but not to make them too narrow. Otherwise, there will be no expected reaction from the blogger’s audience.

Creative or life matters
It is believed that American and European influencers are able to combine entrepreneurship and creativity, while Russians focus only on creativity. In the United States, bloggers consider their work as real media, combining editorial staff and sales in this sense. It is a little more difficult to build commercial relations with influencers in Russia, since business matters here are usually delegated to an agent. Most likely you will have to deal with the latter - for sure, in matters of coordinating deadlines and other business issues. As to the creative issues - bloggers will be happy to discuss them personally.

It is believed that bloggers in Russia are less professional and unreliable. Perhaps, in some cases, there is a real risk to run into non-compliance with the agreements, as the influencer market is now actively developing and there are both real professionals and inexperienced and non-serious representatives of the profession. For their part, companies should carefully approach the choice of a blogger or delegate this issue to a PR agency. Otherwise, there is a risk to face a failure to meet the deadlines or even failure to perform the obligations. 

...and durable
Any blogger is interested in long-term cooperation with a brand. In Russia, however, companies themselves do not always take the advantage of this fact. Often it turns out that they attract the influencer on a one-time basis or for a time-limited project. Such approach has a significant minus - the blogger will not give it one hundred and ten percent and will not try to develop a reputation of a reliable professional in your eyes. If your project provides for a long presence in the media space, try to play a long game with your influencers. This is a win-win deal. 

Our PR-agency is readily available to arrange cooperation of your brand with bloggers - both top-end and specialized. If you wish influencers to talk about you - contact us!

Marina Kochemasova,
CEO, PR Formula - PR for foreign brands in Russia