Бизнес – людям. Как продвигать b2c-компанию в России?

Business to people. How to promote a b2c company in Russia?

When planning PR campaigns, you or your PR agency in Russia will first pay attention to the specifics of your business. Does your company provide services to individuals, sell fast-moving consumer goods or specialty goods? If yes, it falls into the b2c segment. Such companies have their own promotion rules.

Pool of regular customers

As a rule, about 20% of regular customers bring 80% of profit for a company that orientates its services or offers around private customers. You can, of course, be quite well off as a result of one-time sales. But a regular customer is still a more reliable source of income. They are also important for promotion - the watercooler effect will always work.

In Russia, on the one hand, customers are similar to all customers in the world, on the other hand, they have unique features. How to attract them to your brand for a long time or forever?

Consumer services

The residents of our country are quite a bit spoiled by good customer services. In this sphere, foreign companies became trend setters, but local competitors also do their best to keep level with the latest habits. Therefore, entering the Russian market, remember, the customer service is key. Your employees should be competent, the services be efficient, the payment options be varied, the feedback be quick as lightning and as loyal as possible. The good old truth, “the customer is king” today works in Russia to a high standard and good customer service here, as they say, is promoting itself in many ways.

Loyalty programme

There is the boom of loyalty programs in Russia. Brands are competing for whose card brings higher bonuses and is easier to use. Develop a discount and bonus system, do not force the customers to have a card always on hand (identification by phone number is a must have), be of advantage, but not intrusive, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Remember, a competent loyalty program encourages customers to repeat purchases, which means you need it as much as air to breathe.


Whatever you sell, your product assortment should have as wide range as possible. The customers in Russia love the choice and often buy the necessary items on marketplaces and in large online stores. However, if you succeed in positioning your only product as unique and prove in practice that it helps Russians navigate daily challenges (use media and influencer marketing for your guidance), there is a chance that local customers will commit themselves to buying from you for a long time. There is a thing about Russians – they are loyal and switch brands slowly. If they fell in love, then forever.


This rule pursues the previous subject. If your customers placed trust in you and have become your regular customers, your next task is to maintain and increase this trust. Be as close (social media, joint actions in the field of charity and sustainable development, offline events to establish physical contact with customers) and transparent as possible (explain, show, conduct tours and hold open days for individuals and the press – let customers and the public see that you have nothing to hide).


Communication with a customer is of key importance for B2C companies. Develop a competent content strategy and stick to it. Talk with customers through the site, social media and mass media. We remind you once again that you need to communicate in Russia in the customer’s language — that is, in Russian (most Russians are unwilling to learn English, much less the minor languages; if you want to “tame” them, speak Russian). Write feature articles, publish useful and funny posts, involve users in communication. Let content bring you together.


To create a successful promotion in Russia, you need to:

- form a pool of regular customers;

- provide the best customer service;

- develop the best loyalty program;

- astonish by assortment;

- maintain trust;

- work with content.

And if you need a PR agency in Russia to fulfil these objectives, contact PR Formula!

Natalia Anisimova
Project Manager, PR Formula
Promotion for foreign brands in Russia