Быстрый и модный: как продвигаться в TikTok в России

Fast and fashionable: how to promote business on TikTok

When you discuss your promotion strategy with a PR agency in Russia , it is important to decide what social media you are going to use. One of the top-rated media today is TikTok. How to use this platform for the sake of your business? We are going to discuss it today.

TikTok is a social media network where users can post their short videos (15-second- and 60-second-long) using built-in masks, music, or VFX. This app has been all the rage since 2018. It was then that it became one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play and the iOS App Store. In some sense, TikTok is similar to Instagram. There are likes (hearts), comments and messages as well. 

Every day TikTok is entered by more than 800 million of people globally. In Russia, more than 10 million of people use the app monthly (by Autumn 2019). Upon that, 40% of its audience is aged under 18. 

Who can benefit

Any business targeting a youth audience. For example, event organizing companies, clothing and gadget manufacturers/sellers, educational sites and institutions, etc.

Advertisers have already got the lay of the land. Some of them run ads here, others run their own accounts, and there are those who do both. Red Bull, for example, regularly posts short videos with sports tricks to TikTok, as it does in its other social networks, the Apple Music streaming service posts announcements of new albums releases and short interviews with musicians here. 

In Russia, companies also use this social media network. For example, Sberbank posts on the app its entertainment videos and challenge videos with teens idols. The Russian company Youla also have posted a successful challenge case.

Create your own TikTok channel

To start promoting yourself on this social media network, you first need to create your own channel. In the profile header, enter the topic or the nickname to communicate what the channel is about, only 80 characters are allowed for that. Use a video, GIF, or just a photo here as your avatar. In the settings, it is important to upgrade your profile to a PRO account. After that, you will be able to track the channel statistics and select its subject.

Think your content over

What appeals to the TikTok audience most of all is a non-standard presentation, humour, and attractive visuals. This app is used almost exclusively for entertainment, so on your channel, this type of content should make up at least 80%.

Involve influencers

We have already talkedabout finding and choosing your blogger in Russian social media. The same rules apply to TikTok. Although this social media network is quite young, it already has its own opinion leaders who are ready to cooperate with brands. Today the most popular tiktoker in the Russian-speaking segment is Alexey SavkoThe guy who is 136 cm tall is followed by 4.5 million of people (by March 2020). He posts vines with jokes on his height and has already made more than $550,000 on this, as estimated by Forbes!

The Popsters service could help you to choose your tiktoker and see feedback from his or her previous customers..

Promote yourself for free

Like Instagram, TikTok:

- efficiently supports themed hashtags

- welcomes active commenting and subscriptions 

- features popular live translations and challenges

- provides possibility of collaborations

- allows using mutual promotion, sweepstakes, and even giveaways

- enables creation of branded masks.

You can also post here a link under your video, and therefore it helps further promotion of your website or landing page.  

Paid promotion

Ads on TikTok should be native. You can estimate its efficiency by the number of hearts, clicks, and subscriptions. Ads can be posted by using the Topview app (shows your ad on TikTok upon entering the app), or Brand TakeOver (provides possibility of targeting). In-feed ads could be posted by video clip in the feed. 

Natalia Anisimova
project manager, PR Formula
- PR for foreign brands in Russia