Амбассадоры добра. Благотворительность как способ работы с аудиторией

Ambassadors of goodness. Charity as a way to interact with your audience.

A good PR agency in Russiais aware that  influencer marketing  is now on the rise, as well as the blogosphere in general. A new trend among bloggers in Russia has been the emergence of accounts entirely dedicated to good deeds. Today, we will discuss how it works. 

We have already talked about influencer marketing and its features in Russia. Today we’ll dig a bit deeper and focus on philanthropic bloggers. They help people in the most direct way possible, and their truly ardent content about that leaves no one indifferent.

While ads in an ordinary blogger’s account are often something of a nuisance for the audience, something to put up with, either silently or giving voice to one’s dissatisfaction, these guys’ followers ask them: “Go ahead, advertise, we understand what the money will go for, we’ll rough it!” Amazing, isn’t it? Not a bit. Ambassadors of goodness touch something important in their subscribers’ hearts, and these subscribers become as open as possible for any form of interaction.

Here are just a few examples:

Slovo Patsana (Moscow)

Perhaps, this is the most popular YouTube channel of the kind in Russia. Two guys, one of whom wears a white mask concealing his face, drive from one town or village to another, meet people, and help those whose circumstances they find especially tough. They paid for some elderly woman’s meds or groceries, made repairs, and even helped a lonely music teacher to replace teeth, refunded a pensioner for the money stolen by fraudsters – these guys have a lot of stories like that. Viewers actively respond to their channel’s content, participate in fundraising, and even bring equipment or provide free services for the channel’s “charges”.

As of now (winter 2020), the channel has almost 1 million subscribers. As the creators themselves say, “’Slovo Patsana’ is a project that aims to instill social responsibility in society, as well as motivate viewers to be more solicitous towards their neighbours. This channel’s mission is to inspire people to do good.”

Vasya na Sene (Kaluga)

This channel’s creators do not hide their faces. They do practically the same thing as the authors of the “Slovo Patsana” channel but in a different region. These guys also look for their video characters (or accidentally find them) on the streets and roads.

One of the channel’s most striking stories, which its subscribers closely follow, is the life of Lyokha, a village teenager from a drinking family. The guys took the boy under their wing, regularly visit him, bring him clothes, groceries, and gadgets. Subscribers make their own suggestions as to how to arrange the boy’s future and, generally, are very active on the channel.

“Vasya na Sene” episodes make up true “mini-series” about how the lives of those supported by the channel and its subscribers are improved. “The aim of the channel is to popularize good deeds,” its creators say.

Charity on Instagram

In 2018, the Dobro.Mail.ru resource launched the Ambassadors of Goodness project. Such Instagram bloggers as Nika Viper (who helps homeless animals) , Nadezhda Sakirskaya (who supports educational projects for children) and Polina Tumashek (who helps severe disease patients) took part in the project. The aim was to create a concerned blogger community promoting goodness and charity. 

Such a community could attract lots of celebrities. Stars like Natalia Vodyanova,Chulpan Khamatova, Miroslava Duma, Ksenia Rappoport, and others inspire their subscribers to do good.

Collaboration with philanthropic bloggers helps brands to position themselves as a socially responsible business, concerned with the issues facing the inhabitants of the country where they work. We will be more than happy to help you find the right blogger who develops the charity topic among other things.

Natalya Anisimova,
Project manager, PR Formula
- PR for foreign brands in Russia