Соперник или партнер? Как бренды помогают друг другу укреплять позиции на рынке

Competitor or partner? How brands help each other strengthen their market positions

Collaboration is an effective cooperation tool of brands. It has gained popularity due to its economic feasibility and high efficiency. An excellent task for your PR agency in Russia is to find a partner and arrange a competent collaboration.

Collaboration (or mutually beneficial joint projects) is a popular form of promotion. It is used by both businesses and, for example, bloggers. They often promote each other for free, thereby exchanging audiences and increasing each other's subscribers.

As for the business, many big brands have been using collaboration strategies for a long time and quite successfully. Here are some examples:

MAC and The Simpsons

MAC, the global cosmetics brand, and The Simpsons, the popular TV series, released a joint limited collection of decorative cosmetics to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the latter. The delight of series fans knew no bounds – they were happy to buy MAC powder compacts and lipsticks. And consumers of the cosmetics brand got a closer look at the characters of the show due to this campaign.

Puma and Soyuzmultfilm

The collaboration of Puma sports brand and the Russian film studio Soyuzmultfilm is another "cartoon" example of a successful collaboration. In 2018, the companies jointly developed the limited edition of Puma Suede sports shoes. The characters of the popular Russian cartoons Winnie the Pooh and Well, Just You Wait! were picked out over gumshoes and sneakers.

YandexFuel, MasterCard, and Lukoil

In spring and summer of 2018, drivers could pay for fuel at Lukoil fuel stations with a MasterCard card using the YandexFuel application and receive a 10% cashback. Holders of MasterCard cards were happy to economize on fuel by using Lukoil and Yandex, and regular users of these services got another reason to obtain a card of this particular payment system thanks to this collaboration.

Cinema and MasterCard

In 2020, the united network of Formula Kino, Cinema Park, Kino Okko cinemas collaborated with the same Mastercard in the same way. Customers received a 10% discount if they paid for tickets using a Mastercard card. This is how movie lovers took a great fancy to the payment system, and Mastercard users started going to the movies more often.

How to arrange a collaboration:

1. Decide on the goal of the campaign (loyalty, sales or brand awareness) and the target audience of the campaign

2. Think over the optimal form of collaboration (release of a joint product line, content for social networks, or, for example, a promotion with discounts and bonuses from both brands)

3. Find a partner for collaboration (your interests and opportunities should match, and your audience should be similar)

4. Discuss the terms of collaboration

5. Launch the project advertising

6. Based on the collaboration results, be sure to evaluate its effectiveness: what is the outcome, what mistakes have been made, draw conclusions.

Natalia Anisimova
Project Manager, PR Formula
PR for foreign brands in Russia