Продвижение в цифрах: как оценить эффективность PR кампании?

Promotion by numbers: how to measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign?

When planning a PR campaign with your PR agency in Russia, sooner or later you will think about how to measure its effectiveness. Today, we will tell you what techniques exist and what your attention should be paid to, when measuring the results of services for promoting your business.

What criteria exist for measuring the effectiveness of PR, in addition to the abstract (albeit important) reputation and loyalty?

1.       Citation index

CI is an indicator of the quality of the media content distribution. It takes into account the number other media referenced the source article and the authoritativeness of the publisher of the source in social media. Online services for monitoring media, such as Medialogia, Integrum or Yandex.Mediana, will help you measure the citation index. The same goes for the next indicator.

2.       Coverage

It measures the size of audience (how many people) of a publication mentioning a company or brand for a particular period. This metric is based on circulation (a relatively rough measurement that applies to print media), audience share (TV and radio), and page traffic (digital media).

3.       Traffic

At the time of publication of information about a company in the media and a couple of days later you can observe traffic peaks on its website. We measure them using Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics services, which will show you traffic growth on specific days, as well as traffic sources. It should be borne in mind that not everyone goes to the site directly via links in the media. Often after reading an article, people start googling your company name. Such visitors will fall into organic traffic and will blur the picture of the effectiveness of PR-services.

4.       Search hits

SEO-optimization of the site helps to rank your company’s site in the #1 spot by necessary key queries. PR can greatly help this process. To this effect, the texts that you publish in the media should contain these keywords and a link to your site. To measure the result of such services, you need to clear the site positions using, for example, services such as allpositions.ru or pr-cy.ru.

5.         Contact price

Everything is simple here: in order to get the price of an audience member contact with your brand via PR tools, you need to divide the PR costs by the audience coverage of all publications for a certain period of time. Of course, such a contact is not a buyer yet, but it also can be used to “digitize” PR activity.

6.         Conversion

This metric is suitable for you, if you have a large number of publications in online media. How many people made a key action by reading your article in the media? To understand this, you must put such an action in the text (a link to a website or landing page, participation in a contest or survey, visit or registration for an event, etc.)

7.          PR value

PR value is a classic, albeit slightly outdated method to measure the effectiveness of PR. This figure is equivalent to the advertising value of the same media publication. You can get into the media field in two main ways: advertising and PR. The first one requires investments, but it provides a guarantee of publication when and where you need it. The second one is the result of professionalism and luck of your PR manager or agent. If, for example, you managed to get a free publication in Forbes or RBC, you can safely attribute several hundred thousand roubles to the effectiveness of PR using this methodology.

Overall, the quantitative measurement of PR cannot be absolutely objective. Much more important is the change in quality indicators in the brand reputation. If you give serious thought to your promotion in the Russian market, contact PR Formula!

Marina Kochemasova
PR Formula
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